Laurel Tree Charter School Attendance Policy

We have two major concerns regarding attendance:

1.Academic success is directly tied to attendance.  
2.School funding is directly tied to attendance

However, we feel strongly that sick kids should stay home, and that families should have the opportunity to travel together. We also want to keep the bureaucracy and paperwork to a minimum, and we're not interested in passing judgment on whether or not the absence was for valid reasons. As their parent, you are in a better position to judge that than we are. So we (and the state) are defining excused absences as those where the student is absent due to illness, quarantine, medical appointment, family reason, travel, and religious observance. Please call and let us know why your student is out. We will put together a packet of missed work and put it in your parent cubby. By doing the missing work your student stays caught up, and we are able to receive funding from the state. Unexcused absences are when you have not called to let us know why your child is out sick, or if they are simply out for no valid reason.  

Attendance Policy:

Three unexcused absences or tardies of more than 30 minutes = truancy notice
Two truancy notices = Parent/Teacher meeting to discuss support for helping the child attend regularly and on time. An attendance improvement plan will be signed by student, parents, and teacher(s).
Three truancy notices = Mandatory appearance before the School’s Governing Board. The student is now “Habitually Truant”. The board will offer community support or resources.
Four truancy notices = The matter may be turned over to CPS or the County’s Student Attendance Review Board. The student may be asked not to return the following year.  
More than ten excused absences may result in a Parent/Teacher meeting to ensure that the absences are for valid travel/illness and not just a pattern of absenteeism.  

Cutting School

“Cutting school” is leaving school without permission from school personnel AND parents. Consequences can include: phone calls home, a daily participation grade of “F”, restriction of off-campus privileges, loss of tribal responsibilities, and loss of participation in off-campus field trips. Students who refuse to return to campus may be reported to local law enforcement. A contract between the school, the student, and guardians may be created in order to determine further consequences and a plan for future intervention.

Unexcused absences (as discussed in the Attendance Policy above) will include absences due to cutting school