11/7/14 Cookies for the Holidays - Money for our Programs!!

Hi Families,

Hopefully everyone is already selling the Royal Cookie Caper dough! We are extending the deadline for the order forms and money - to November 14th. Please turn them into the red box in the office by next Friday so we can turn in our final count. (Make checks payable to Laurel Tree )

Students who sell more than 15 or 20 tubs will receive their rewards that evening at the family potluck.

I'm looking forward to writing with students about their recipes and tasting them next week.

Have a great  four day weekend!


11/3/14 Cookie Dough Sales

Everyone get their cookie dough sold this week!   Our goal is for everyone to sell ten tubs.  Students who sell 15 will get an ice cream gift certificate.  Students who sell 20 will win a Laurel Tree T-Shirt.   This will be the easiest (and tastiest!) fundraiser we’ve ever done.


9/15/14 This Year's Fundraisers: Local Cookie Dough and Boffing Swords

We had a really great Parent Volunteer Group Meeting last week.  Lots of folks came with lots of great ideas about ways to build community, be involved in the school, and (everyone’s favorite) make money.

One of the great ideas they came up with was a way to make about the same amount of money that we make on the big casino event, for about a tenth of the work.   Usually armies of parents canvas local businesses asking for donations, for months.  Then we have to sell tickets (endless), organize the food, decorate, set up, show up, buy stuff at the auction, and then clean-up.   Everyone vows never to do it again, but it raises our biggest chunk of money – so we do it again the next year.  NOT THIS YEAR.    Let’s just eat cookies instead – and support a local business.  Tara showed up with an idea that will raise $5,000 for our programs (swimming, dance, music, art, travel) and not require such a huge investment of time and money.  If each family sells ten tubs of locally made cookie dough (Cookie Capers), we’ll make $5.50 per tub or $55.00 per family. At 100 families that’s our $5,000.  Even if I just buy my ten tubs and put them in the freezer – that’s a third of what I spent on Casino Night. Plus, I bet I can hit up the relatives and sell most of them, pronto.   We’ll be doing this right before the holidays when everyone has to make cookies anyhow.

We estimated at the meeting that we spend about $5,000 on swimming for our kids, about $3,200 on dance, another $3,000 on SCRAP, and about $4,000 on Friday art and music teachers.   It comes out to about $150.00 a kid on extra classes that we want for our kids.  This fundraiser could take care of almost a third of that.   And the Medieval Festival would probably earn another third – if we could just make enough swords!   We always sell out, so come this Friday night to –


This Friday is our second annual Holy Grail Sword Making Event.  5:30 in the cafe.  We provide the movie and more sword making material than you’ve ever seen.  You come with a pot luck dish and settle in for a good time.  Our quest is to make as many swords as we can before the movie ends!   We always run out of swords at the Medieval Festival (just three weeks away) and the more swords we have, the more money we raise for the school.  See Josh if you can spend an hour or two this week assembling kits in preparation for the movie night.

T H A N K   Y O U !

to the wonderful
sponsor, donors,
and volunteers
who made last year's
fundraiser a success!